The Clytemnestra

Clytemnestra, Lunar-class Cruiser

The Clytemnestra has belonged to the de Marco dynasty for generations. Its origins before that are lost to history; it was cut from the spacehulk Endless Epoch of Despair by Tobias de Marco and elevated to the flagship of the dynasty as soon as it completed its refit. Crew legend tells that the ritual cleansing of the recovered vessel was not entirely successful. Something deathless, they say, remained onboard the ship, and haunts the decks to this day. The officers maintain that this is merely superstition, but even they cannot deny that the Clytemnestra slips through the Warp with practiced ease.

Essential Components

  • Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive
  • Strelov 2 Warp Engine
  • Geller Field
  • Multiple Void Shield Array
  • Shipmaster’s Bridge
  • M-1.f Life Sustainer
  • Pressed Crew Quarters
  • M201.b Auger Array

Supplemental Components

  • Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay
  • Barracks
  • Librarium Vault
  • Armoured Prow


  • Mars Pattern Macrobattery Broadside – Port
  • Mars Pattern Macrobattery Broadside – Starboard
  • Titanforge Lance Battery – Port
  • Titanforge Lance Battery – Starboard

Small Craft

  • 2 Aquila Landers
  • 20 Arvus Lighters

The Clytemnestra

Clytemnestra Coatez