Ship Roles

The following roles represent the most senior crew members aboard the Clytemnestra. Each role is described in terms of what it is, who may hold it and the benefits of that position.


The Lord-Captain is the master and commander of the Clytemnestra. Throughout the history of her service to the de Marco dynasty, the Lord-Captain of the Clytemnestra has always been the Rogue Trader him or herself. The Position of Lord-Captain solidifies the Warrant holder’s commanding presence aboard their ship.

First Officer

The Lord-Captain’s First Officer is his right hand aboard his ship. Any explorer except an Astropath may be elevated to the position of First Officer. Even if the First Officer has no formal experience of command, their selection as First Officer ensures that their crew follows all orders given.

Enginseer Prime

The Enginseer Prime directs the maintenance and repair of the Clytemnestra. The Enginseer is usually a Tech Priest, but a Missionary or Void-Master also has the necessary skills to fulfil the role if required. The Enginseer Prime is ideally situated to direct the repair of the ship should she take damage in battle.

High Factotum

The High Factotum is the supreme authority onboard when it comes to trade and profit. The dynasty’s Seneschal usually holds this role, but it is not unknown for a Missionary to hold it. The Factotum has full control of all the explorers’ endeavours, and can transfer success in one endeavour to another when required.


The Master-at-Arms maintains the armouries and leads the fighting men who are billeted aboard the void ship. This role usually falls to an Arch-Militant, but an appropriate Void Master can also fill the role on occasion. The Master-at-Arms is most able to lead his men in repelling boarders.

Master Helmsman

The Master Helmsman is responsible for the piloting of a huge void ship. This role is usually taken by a Void Master, but an Arch-Militant or Explorator can also accomplish it. The Master Helmsman is more capable than others at performing Evasive Manoeuvres.

Master of Ordnance

The Master is responsible for all gunnery crews and other offensive systems aboard the void ship. He directs and controls the firing of these weapons. This role is usually filled by an Arch-Militant, but a Void Master may also take it on. A compitent Master of Ordnance increases the accurancy of the ships weapons when they are locked on.

Master of Etherics

The Master of Etherics controls the auspex and vox systems aboard the void ship. This role is usually filled by a Void Master, but an Arch-Militant or Explorator may also take it on. The Master increases the effectiveness of focussing the ship’s auguries.

Chief Chirurgeon

The Chief Chirurgeon controls the ship’s medical facilities and staff. The role is usually taken by a Missionary, but might also be an Explorator or Seneshal. The Chief Chirurgeon is skilled at arranging triage during battle.

Master of Whispers

The Master of Whispers is responsible for purging spies from the ship’s crew, and planting similar agents within the crews of other Rogue Traders and agencies. This position is usually associated with the Seneshal, but a Missionary can also fulfil the role. The Master of Whispers is skilled at spreading disinformation.

Choir-master Telepathica

The Choir-Master directs the ships Astropaths, and as such can only be an Astropath himself. He is able to increase the range of the choir’s abilities.

Warp Guide

The Warp Guide or Navigator Primaris is responsible for steering the ship through the Warp, and managing the ships lesser navigators. As such, only a Navigator can fulfil this role. The Warp Guide is more skilled at steering the vessel through the Warp than other navigators.

Ship’s Confessor

The Ship’s Confessor looks after the spiritual needs of the ship’s crew. This is usually taken by a Missionary, but might also be an Explorator or Seneshal on some ships. During battle, the Ship’s Confessor ensures that the Lord-Captain gets the most out of his crew.


The Drivesmaster is responsible for the ships engines and the rituals that maintain them. The Drivesmaster is always an Explorator, and is able to get the best speed out of the ship’s engines.

Omnissianic Congregator

The Omnissianic Congregator is responsible for the welfare of the ship’s machine spirit. The role will be filled either by an Explorator or someone raised on a Forge World, and is skilled at assisting the Machine Spirit.

Chief Bosun

The Chief Bosun is responsible for the training and discipline of the crew. The role might be taken by an Arch-Militant, Missionary, Seneshal or Void Master. A good Chief Bosun increases the efficientcy of the crew and maintains good morale.

Infernus Master

The Infernus Master is responsible for combatting fires aboard the void ship, and organising the crew in these circumstances. The Master might be any career except Rogue Trader, Astropath, Explorator or Navigator, and is especially effective at leading the crew against fires.


On a vessel where radiation is a constant danger, the Twistcatcher is responsible for controlling the mutant population and keeping it in check. Any explorer except for the Rogue Trader himself can perform this role, although Missionaries and Arch-Militants are most common. The Twistcatcher is able to use the mutants he has rounded up to replace lost crewmen.

Master of the Vox

The Master of the Vox is responsible for keeping the lines of communication open on the void ship. The role is fulfilled by an Astropath Transcendent, Seneshal or Void Master, and is skilled at jamming enemy communications as well as keeping their own operational.


The Purser is responsible for keeping the ship’s financial matters in order and rewarding the crew with their pay. This role is suitable only for a seneshal. The Purser is skilled at using the ship’s profit efficiently to keep up crew morale.


The Carto-Artifex is the master of maps and charts aboard the vessel, and is consulted regarding the best routes to take through the void. This may ba a Seneshal, Explorator, Navigator or any other explorer with a scholarly background.

Ship’s Steward

The Ship’s Steward controls the resources needed by the crew on their journeys such as food, water and air. This role is available to Seneshals and Void Masters, or any explorer who is void born. An effective steward can ration a vessel’s resources enough to enable them to remain on voyages much monger without resupplying.

Ship Roles

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