The following locations are important to, or have been visited by, the crew of the Clytemnestra.

Port Wander

The last Imperial outpost before the Maw, the passage between Warp storms that leads to the Koronus Expanse. Where the Clytemnestra was quarantined by the Imperial Navy following Lucien de Marco’s death. The De Marco dynasty’s factor on Port Wander is a man named Alian Gren.


Footfall is the first settlement within the Expanse, outside of the Imperium itself.

Vannah’s Rest

This world was the final resting place of Rogue Trader Marius Strassbard long ago, and the location of the so-called Strassbard Grail. More recently Vannah de Marco, wife and seneshal to Lucien de Marco was also killed here by a rockfall. Her husband escaped with the Grail, but was killed trying to escape it’s influence soon after.

The underground ruins of a xeno complex on this planet indicates that it was probably once an Eldar world. Certainly the Eldar have means of travelling to the world without spacecraft, even now. Most recently, the Eldar negotiator Kaliendra held negotiations there with the de Marcos for the surrender of the Grail to her.


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