The Death of Lucien de Marco

The adventures of the Clytemnestra’s current crew began with a message from one of the de Marco dynasty’s most trusted advisors:

My dear boys,

it is with much regret and great personal sorrow that I must inform you of the death of your parents, and more so that I must do it so impersonally from a distance. Your mother died doing what she loved best, exploring the Kronus Expanse with your father. Alas that your father’s death should come so soon after and in such an unexpected manner!

I’m afraid there is little time to contemplate their lives as their deaths have thrown us into a most distasteful situation that I’m afraid only your presence can resolve. The details are perhaps best discussed in person, although I know not how many weeks or even months this message might take to reach you. The Clytemnestra can be found at Port Wander, immobile and incapable of coming to meet you. Please make all haste to us, and bring what companions you can.

Your servant always,

Aelfric Gracewine

The brothers and their companions made their way to Port Wander to investigate the deaths of their parents, secure control of the Clytemnestra and set forth into the Expanse on their first endeavour.


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