Explore the Koronus Expanse aboard the Cruiser Clytemnestra!

The Clytemnestra is the flagship of the de Marco Rogue Trader dynasty. The de Marco Warrant of Trade was recently taken up by the dynasty’s prodigal son, Mikhael de Marco. He, his brother Paulus and other companions have taken their first steps out into the vastness that is the Koronus Expanse.

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Campaign Site Updates

07/11/2010 – Updates today include:

  • Physical descriptions and Bio Summaries added to PCs from character sheets where present.
  • Descriptions have been added for all Ship Roles.
  • Additional ship resources (crew and small craft) added to the Clytemnestra and Crew sections.
  • The ship and crew information on the main wiki page split across two pages. The main wiki page will now function more as an index.
  • A new Locations page has been added with some of the locations featured so far in the campaign.
  • The original story of The Strassbard Grail has been added.